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Department of Physics

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Overview of Programmes

Undergraduate Programmes

The Department of Physics currently offers the following three degree options:-

  •        Physics (Single Subject Major)
  •        Physics/Geology (Double Major)
  •        Physics/Mathematics (Double Major)

See Departmental Handbook for course outlines.

Postgraduate Programmes

The Department of Physics has a Masters programme founded on the research interests of its members of staff. The Masters is structured in such a way that many different combinations of the courses can be taken and is therefore very flexible.   As a rule, the Department offers only the taught Masters, which combines course work and a dissertation. The Masters programme is strongly influenced by the availability of funding for the students.

M.Sc. in Physics

The M.Sc. in Physics consists of two parts. Part 1 contains one compulsory course and three optional courses while Part 2 consists of a dissertation (theoretical or experimental) in a specialization linked to research interests within the Department. It is anticipated that the candidate will supplement his/her knowledge in the given subject if he/she did not take the pre-requisites in his/her undergraduate studies. This will not count towards his/her M.Sc.  It should be understood that the combinations offered are subject to the availability of staff and the background of the student. The whole Masters programme lasts for two years of full-time study.

 Ph.D. in Physics                                                                                                                      

The Department of Physics offers Ph.D. studies to suitably qualified students.  Students are advised to check with the Department about the availability of supervisor(s) and facilities in the fields of their choice.  At present the Department offers only sandwich Ph.D. studies.