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Department of Mathematics and Statistics

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Overview of Programmes

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Undergraduate Programmes

The Department currently offers the Bachelor of Science  in Mathematics degree programme with the following two options:- Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

      • Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics
      • Bachelor of Science in Statistics
      • Bachelor of Science in Acturial Science

Postgraduate Programmes

The M.Sc. in Mathematics aims to provide students with knowledge, skills and insights into Mathematics and Statistics to enable them to pursue careers in institutions of higher learning, as professionals in banks, the mines and in government departments. It lays the foundation for Ph.D. studies in Mathematics, Statistics and related applied fields. The mode of study currently available is by coursework followed by a dissertation.

There are two MSc programmes offered by the Department:-

  • MSc. in Mathematics
  • MSc. in Statistics
Postgraduate Diploma in Acturial Science

This is a one year (full time) course in acturial science programme. It enables candidates with no prior training in acturial science but with sufficient mathematical back ground to convert to the acturial field.